Age: 04


Pow Wow! Our client wanted a Boho/Wild party for her 4 year old. Something a little different but not too old. A skull print was our inspiration and then we had to soften and pretty it. No pressure at all!!

Main Image

The Cake

Cake Image

A simply classy cake topped with an ornamental Indian mask

The Food

The Games

Games Image

The old Donut eating contest was a party winner.

The Supplies

Supplies Image

Little coloured glass milk bottles with different coloured striped straws were a real hit. Also the chalk board over the table top provided a great place to write on and fabulous as a memento in the little ones bedroom.

Top Party Tip

Being a Boho/Wild party it meant that lot's of different items and layers could be used e.g rocks and sticks for strength and then feathers and flowers for softness.

Favourite Present

We were blown away by a Tee Pee tent for the 4 year old's bedroom. A fabulous gift from Grandma and a great special place for imagination and wonder.

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