1st Birthday Garden Party


Age: 01

Theme: Garden Party

This was my daughter's first birthday and she loved playing outside so we recreated a Garden Party for her.

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The Cake

Cake Image

The cake was a flower pot. The pot was a banana cake with fondant. Icing was cream cheese topped with Cadbury Flake chocolate (dirt). Strawberries dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with green sprinkles (grass) the flower was all fruit, stem-grapes, leaves- kiwi fruit, middle of flower- pineapple and flower - cut out watermelon using same cookie cutter I used for pizzas.

The Food

Food Image

Lots of mini food - dim sims, spring rolls, little triangle sandwhiches, homemade pizas cut into flowers using a cookie cutter, fruit platter.

The Games

Games Image

I drew bugs onto cardboard and cutout circles for little faces, to take photos in.

The Supplies

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I used blue, green, yellow, purple and pink for utensils, cups, plates, table cloth, napkins. A vase with flowers on the food table. I decorated the clothes line with ladybug bunting and streamers. We brought out some of her toys for the little ones to play with and I used balloons and tied them together to look like flowers. I also made happy birthday bunting.

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