Lego Party Games

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Having a Lego Party ?  We have collected some great Lego Party Games to keep the guests busy. All the games are really easy to get ready – just make sure you have lots of Lego !

  1. An oldie but a goodie, is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw one of the Lego characters and get the competitors to try and put his head on – you could also draw a Lego building and they could put the last Lego brick in.
  2. Pick-up Lego with a Straw. Scatter 10-20 small Lego pieces onto a plastic plate and then place an empty cup in the middle of the plate. Set a time limit (considering the age of the participants – less time of older kids, but around 1-2 minutes should be good).  Give each child a straw.  They must such each Lego piece on to the end of the straw and drop it into the cup – no hands allowed!!  The winner is the one with the most pieces in their cup.
  3. Fill a medium jar with Lego pieces and Guess How Many are in it (remember to count them as you put them in).  As the kids join the party, asks them to guess how many pieces are in the jar and record their answer with their name. After the cake is cut determine a winner.  The winner is the child with the guess that is the closest to the actual number of pieces in the jar.
  4. Scavenger Hunt. Set up the scavenger hunt well before the party starts by hiding the Lego pieces and instructions. When you are ready to play the game, put the children into teams of 2-3.  The teams then go off to find their Lego pieces and instructions and then build the object (best if all have the same set, just different colours to make it fair). When the construction has finished you can present each builder with their own Master Builder’s Certificate.
  5. A great game if you have a lot of Lego pieces and a lot of creative kids is a Construction Competition. Allow the kids free reign on the Lego so that the final product can be judged, or take photos of the guests with their works of art and give these as part of the party favour.  A more challenging version of this game is to add a timed blindfold session in the middle of the construction!!

Lego is a fantastic way to keep all the little minds busy and a great party theme.