Marshmallow Pops – fun to make and great to eat !

Isabelle from Barbe a Papa Party Supplies tells us how to make some great party treats that are fun and delicious to eat – give them a go, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Marshmallow Pops have become a regular party food for our parties. Kids and parents love them! The best part is that you can make your own marshmallow and cut it into any shape you like, or just buy a few packets from the shops – they now have large ones, swirl ones, all different flavour ones…

Spotlight and The Reject Shop sell lollipop sticks in white or multi-colours and in different sizes. You can also use a paper straw cut in half or a larger bamboo skewer (fork type) but I recommend you stay away from the thin bamboo skewers, I’ve tried to use them before and it didn’t work well.

Your treats don’t have to be on a skewer, they can be placed on a tray, inside mini cupcake wrappers or in a jar. Make sure you wait for the chocolate to set before placing them in a jar though. If you have made your marshmallows on a stick, you can fill a container, glass jar or bucket with rice then cover it with some Jelly Beans and push your pops through. If your jar is made out of glass or is see through, just get bigger sized lollies.

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Remember, your pops don’t have to be covered in milk chocolate, you can use white or dark, or you can also find coloured chocolate melts in Spotlight. I use Nestle chocolate milk melts and I usually make my marshmallow pops the day before, because the chocolate does set very fast and I leave them in the fridge until my guests arrive.

Then I guess only your imagination can stop you from decorating them. You could use Hundreds and Thousands, edible glitter, edible sugar decorations, lollies such as Smarties, Jelly Beans… I have even used Rock Pop!!!      Have fun xx

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What you need:   – Marshmallow – Chocolate melts – Hundreds and Thousands, lollies… – Lollipops stick, straws…

1- Melt you chocolate according to packet direction

2- Dip your marshmallow into the chocolate, allow for any excess to drip off

3- Decorate with sprinkles…

4- Let dry and enjoy!