Trick or Treat Tips

A couple of years ago we did a blog about setting up Trick or Treating in your street.  Having done it a few times now I have to say although I was skeptical at first, I am now a Halloween convert! Setting up Trick or Treating in our area has meant that we have met many neighbours, young and old, that we wouldn’t normally see.  In fact I was stopped by an elderly neighbour at the shops the other day asking if we were doing it again as she loved seeing all the children and giving them treats!!

So here is out Trick or Treat Tips

Trick or treating

Trick or treating is really taking off in Australia, but not everyone is ready for it! If your kids are keen to go from house to house in their costumes, the best thing to do is get organised and let your neighbours know! The week or so before Halloween, drop a flyer into your neighbour’s letterboxes.  Decorate the flyer with a large Halloween pumpkin or another Halloween symbol and make sure you explain that the children will be trick or treating on the 31st of October between given times.  Let them know that if they are happy for the children to knock, they should leave the pumpkin sign on their front door or gate. You could also invite their children to join in and meet with an adult at a given house, or corner and you can all go together! Most people are happy to have the kids call if they know they are coming and they have stocked up on treats!! This is also a great way to meet neighbours if you don’t know them and it will be lots of fun for everyone involved.

Halloween street invite


Kids love to dress up and Halloween is a great time to do it. Even older children (who wouldn’t dress up at any other time) still love dressing up as something scary or ghoulish. However, dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. If you have little ones going trick or treating, let them dress up as a prince, princess, goblin or fairy – they may even get more treats that way!

Planning a party at home?

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