Candy Birthday Party Games

Dianne Rankin from Encore Kids Parties has given us some great party games and hints on how to make sure they are a success at your next party in this blog. Thanks heaps Diane and visit their  Party Game Fun Page  for some more great ideas !

Candy Party Games

Looking for a sweet and easy party? Then a Candy Party is the go. Follow this Candy Party Plan from  Encore Kids Parties Party Game Fun theme for inspiration.

My son James celebrated his 8th Birthday with a Candy Party. The kids had a great time but a reward system was essential to maximising the party fun. To keep the kids focused, we split them into two teams and teams were rewarded candy for winning the candy games. The candy was stored in a huge container by the team “Treasurer”. At the conclusion of the party, the candy was counted to determine the winning team. The team candy was then divided equally between team members and placed in their take home loot bags.

Candy Jar Guessing Game

When guests arrived they had to guess how many gumballs were in the jar. We announced the winner at the conclusion of the party. The winner of course was thrilled when he could take this home.


Candy Party Games

Marshmallow Construction 
Guests are split evenly into 4 teams. They are provided with 2 bags of marshmallows and 3 packets of toothpicks. The teams must construct a “Marshmallow Construction” within a 5 min time period. The entries are then judged.

Baby Bottle Burp Game

This is a great game to watch and there will be lots of laughs with this game. Two team members from each team are provided with a tea towel (baby bib) and a baby bottle filled with soda. As shown above, one team member must “feed” the baby the bottle. The bottle must be consumed fully (I suggest no more than half filled), then the baby must be burped. The first team to burp wins.

 Jelly Bubble Burst Game

You will require 2 medium sized bowls filled with jelly, 2 pieces of Hubba Bubba gum and paper towels. A team member from each team is chosen to face the Jelly challenge. Players must use only their mouths to retrieve the bubblegum from the jelly bowl which is placed strategically at the bottom! Once they have retrieved the bubblegum, players must successfully blow a bubble for the crowd. First to successfully complete this, wins!

 Candy Party Games 1

Candy Party Games 2

Whipped Cream Pie Challenge 
You will require lots of paper plates, approx 2 cans of whipped cream and a large bag of Smarties. Place a whipped cream pie in front of two players. Hidden within the cream pies are three Smarties. The challenge is for the players to find using only their mouth, the three Smarties and eat them. The first player to consume the Smarties wins. As shown above, players must prove they have eaten the Smarties. Kids love this challenge, so I had all guests complete this challenge.

Lifesaver Relay

Players stand in two teams, standing in a line one behind each other. Provide each player a toothpick and the person at the front of each line, a lifesaver. Players must put the toothpick in their mouth and pass the lifesaver from one person to the next. Players must not use their hands! The first team to pass it down to the end of the line wins. We used sherbet sticks and starburst gummi rings for this challenge. If the lifesaver falls on the floor, then the team must start the process from the beginning of the line again.

Sour War Head Challenge

We managed to find Sour War Head Juice (Brain Juice) from our local lolly shop, so we decided to see if their taste buds were up for the challenge. Four players from each team were lined up and hosts squeezed every last drop of the sour juice in their mouths, a different flavour each time. The last player standing wins!

Candy Party Games 3

Chocolate Game
Firstly players must make a circle. In the middle of the circle is placed a plate, knife and fork, chocolate and dress ups. One player starts with the dice, and after having a turn passes the dice on. Each player takes a turn at throwing a dice. If a player rolls a six, they run into the centre of the circle place the dress up clothes on. This player can then proceed to cut with their knife and fork while the others are rolling the dice. Once someone else has rolled a six, the player in the middle must take off their dress-up clothes and hand over the knife and fork. They are only allowed to eat one piece of chocolate at a time – they must finish that piece before they have another. Have the players remove the chocolate from the fork and place into their mouth with their hands so germs are not passed on!

Candy Party Games 4

Whipped Cream Pies Pass the Parcel Style
Have children stand in one line. Two plates of whipped cream are passed from each player along the line whilst players are dancing to the music. When the music stops, the player must rub the plate of whipped cream “round the world style” (start at the front and rub the plate around the head back to front), on their face. They are then out. Plates are replenished and repeated until the last player is standing. Obviously the last player get the “World treatment”.

Candied Poached Eggs on a spoon Relay
Split each team into two groups and have the groups line single file and face each other a fair distance away. Explain the relay race format (egg and spoon race). If the egg is dropped, the player must return to the start line.

Shoelace Licorice Race 
Two players from each team are given a piece of shoelace licorice. On a signal, one person puts the loose end of the licorice in their mouth and eats their way to the end of the licorice whilst the other person is holding the other end. The first two to reach it go on to the finals of the shoelace race!

Jelly Bean Race
2-4 buckets or plastic tubs with ice and water. 2 bags of Jelly beans (Bags per team bucket). Players have 15 seconds to fish the jelly beans out of the ice water with their toes. Have dry towels close by to dry each player’s feet.

 Smartie Sucker Relay
Have the two teams line up in straight lines and each player is given a straw. This is a relay race with one player at a time running up to a container with smarties in it. Players then place the straw on a smartie and suck. The smartie sticks to the straw and players then drop it into their hand, eat it and run back and tag the next person.

Candy Bingo 
Surprisingly, the boys loved this! I laminated 20 A4 pages of Candy Bingo sheets. We played this twice with the winners receiving reward points and a candy bar.


Candy Party games are simple to prepare ahead of time and work well with children aged 7years above. James and his friends had a sweet time. If you live in the Perth Metro area and would love Encore Kids Parties to help celebrate your child’s birthday with some SWEET fun then visit our website for more info or call us directly on 08) 6188 7666.