Birthday Cake Ideas

7 Easy Solutions

Looking for easy DIY kid’s birthday cake ideas ? Here are some great hints and ideas we have found.

You know the scenario…..The cake has come out of the oven a bit wonky and it is already 11pm!  The “oh so easy” cake you saw on Pinterest turned out to be not that easy.  Or, you are like me and have no artistic ability what so ever, but your child still wants YOU to make the cake!

Don’t worry!

Here are our top 7 tips for keeping stress levels low and still have a great birthday cake to celebrate with!

1. Edging and Lollies

Fix up a wonky cake, or icing that just hasn’t worked by using an edging of Kit Kats, chocolate fingers or any other type of treat that works for you.  Use dabs of icing to keep the edging on and if you like tie a ribbon around to keep it all together.  Then simply fill the top with the child’s favourite lollies and birthday cake problem solved!

Kids Birthday Cake ideasFrozen cake easy

 2. Bunting and Other Cool Toppings

Bunting on the top of cakes is really in at the moment.  Just make and ice a simple cake, or get one from your local bakery, then add some cute mini bunting or balloons and the cake suddenly becomes very special!

Kids Birthday cakes 1rasperry fizz cake topperFind this beautiful cake topper at Ruby Rabbit

 3. Use the Theme Toys and Figurines

If you want to stick to a theme then then using the child’s actual toys or figurines as the decorations on the cake works beautifully! Just pick an icing colour to suit your theme and place the figurines on and around the cake.

Easy Birthday cake ideas

 4. Make the cake – cupcakes!

There are lots of parties these days where cupcakes are used instead of a large main cake! This has a lot of advantages. They are easier to make than a large cake. No mess with cutting and serving (great if you are in a park) you can decorate with different character toppings on each cake and if you have children with allergies – you can make a few allergen free cupcakes ready for them, so they can still be part of the party.

minnie mouse cakehungry caterpillar cake

 5. Decorate with Their Favourite Lollies

I swear my son’s next cake is going to be one big Freckle!  Simply decorating with their favourite lolly will make your kid’s birthday cake a real hit!

From Raspberri Cupcakes

From Raspberri Cupcakes- Click to see how to make this

 6. Make Good Use of Ready-To-Go Options.

It is amazing how many options there are for cake decorating in the supermarket! Make good use of ready-made icing and writing icing options.  There are heaps of great sprinkles and decoration options too and even ready-made fondant – just pull out your cookie cutter, or your child’s Playdoh cutters if you are sticking to a theme and off you go!

kids birthday cake ideas

 7. Let the Birthday Child Do It Themselves!

We know it is risky – but we are big fans of kids participating in planning and creating their birthday celebrations.  Perhaps help them ice the cake and then let them loose with lollies and other decorations!  It may not be perfect but the look of joy on their face because they have created it is priceless.

home made cakes

Don’t forget that if you would like to outsource the whole cake making thing – we have some amazing cake creators on our website directory – follow this link to find one near you!