Cooking with Kids Birthday Party

Cooking with kids is a great activity for any time, however, combine it with friends and a party atmosphere and you have the recipe for the most fun party you can imagine.

Organising a cooking birthday party requires some careful consideration.

  1. When sending out the invitations, ask for any likes, dislikes, allergies or foods that are unable to be eaten.
  2. Then start thinking about the menu, taking into consideration the age of the “chefs”.
  3. Once you have chosen some recipes prepare them with the birthday child and taste-test to make sure the food is yummy.
  4. Also consider the amount of sugar and fat in the recipe and see if there is a healthier alternative – remember to use lots of colourful ingredients so that the food is appealing as well as nutritional.
  5. Think about combining savoury and sweet recipes and if there is a limited time frame for the party, prepare some of the ingredients beforehand so that there is plenty of time for fun.
  6. You can make pizza bases or purchase premade ones, so that the toppings are what is being added and then while the pizzas are cooking, a cookie or cupcake decorating activity will keep everyone busy.
  7. Kebabs and “fast foods” such as popcorn and guacamole dip with flat bread crisps are also fun foods to prepare. Cheese and ham puff pastry twists with dipped and decorated marshmallow pops, or tomato scrolls and cake pops will keep the guests busy and happy.
  8. Don’t forget to enlist some adult help for extra supervision while the preparation and cooking of the food is happening.
  9. Remember kitchens can be dangerous places so make sure clear ground rules are set with regards to utensils, sharp implements and hot surfaces etc.


Finally, cooking with kids encourages many skills such as working together, patience, maths concepts, working on a project from start to finish and much more. So with some organisation, preparation and ground rules, the kids will love this party !!!