Keeping Party Costs on Target

The cost of having a birthday party can blow out quiet quickly and easily, so here are a few ideas to help keep the cost down, while still having all the fun and festivities :

  1. Set a budget and stick to it!  Make a list of the items you will need and the approximate costs, if something is more expensive than expected, rethink its usefulness and choose an alternative.
  2. Negotiate the guest list with your child and avoid adding anyone else at the last minute, if possible. You don’t have to invite everyone in the class or every child whose party, your child has attended.
  3. Compare the costs of having a party at home versus at a venue. It is often more cost effective to have the party at home or in a park, where you can utilise the play equipment.
  4. Consider combining a party with a close friend or relative (if children’s birthdays are close to each other) then the costs and work can be divided evenly – however, make sure the cost and job list is clearly defined and allocated, so that no misunderstandings ruin the day.
  5. Send email invitations, rather than the more expensive hand written version and if food costs are an issue, set the party time for mid-afternoon so that the children are less likely to be hungry. A BBQ or sausage sizzle is also a good alternative for a lunch party.
  6. Keep decorations, plates, cups etc. simple and stick to balloons and streamers in lots of fun, bright colours.
  7. If entertainers are too costly, consider advertising at a university for some early childhood, or human movement students to come and run some fun games at home, or in the park. And if you or a friend is willing, get some face paint and decorate some little faces.
  8. Good old fashioned games, such as pin the tail on the donkey, with a lolly pop or chocolate prize, will work a treat.
  9. A book, felt pens and some colouring sheets or some art/craft, can be an effective party favour.
  10. And for the older kids a sleepover with some pizza for dinner, a few movies to watch and some pancakes for breakfast, may be all you need.

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