DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes

Kids love to dress up and it really gets them into the party spirit! We recently had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party for one of our kids and the costumes were a real hit (apparently some of the kids are still wearing them at home weeks after the party!). We saw the “tin foil tray for a shell” idea on Pinterest – but had to experiment with a few variations to get one that was simple enough to make for 12 Ninjas and didn’t fall off when they ran and played! So to save you that trouble here is what we did……


Firstly buy the trays in bulk if you are doing them for a party– don’t buy them individually it will work out too expensive. Look at outlets, Costco or online for a bulk deal. Then obviously they need to be spray painted.

The version we went with was elastic around each arm/shoulder and then a body strap. The elastic around each shoulder held them on better when they ran around and was easy to get on and off – use a sharp knife to make slits in the foil tray to thread the elastic through. The foil trays stood up well to all the rough play, even though some were looking quiet dented by the end of the party!!


We used thick crepe paper to make the masks, not ideal, but again very cost effective for a party and we made spares if any ripped – but there were only a couple that did. If you have sewing ability material ones would be more effective. We also used the crepe paper for lots of the decorations and the party bags.


The weapons we used really made the party. We were looking for something that was sturdy enough to play battle with, but still wouldn’t hurt each other with. Pool noodles were looking like the answer but they still pack quite a hard knock if hit on the head. Then my husband used a bread knife to slice them in half, then in half again lengthways and then shape a sword at one end. We then wrapped some tape around the end as a handle. This made a great sword which was safe to play with and the boys loved them. Would highly recommend these as the boys could go wild and have a great time and there were no tears!

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