Princess Birthday Party Games

Princess Parties will never go out of fashion for our beautiful girls and here are some great games to play to keep everyone excited.

  1. Snow White’s Poison Apple (Hot Potato alternative) – All the princesses sit in a circle and pass around a big red apple as the music plays.  When the music stops the child with the apple pretends to take a bite out of the apple and then falls into a deep sleep (this game brings out all the budding actresses!). The last Princess left with the apple is the winner!
  2. Jasmines Musical Flying Carpets (Musical Chairs) – Cut fabric that resembles a rug into 30cm squares – sometimes the fabric off cuts bin in the furniture section of craft stores have some great bargains. Then fray the ends, or add some rope tassels for an authentic rug look. Lay the squares out on the ground, in a circle, for each princess to sit on her magic carpet. When the music starts they must dance around the ‘flying carpets’ and when the music stops everyone must try and sit on a magic carpet. Remove one carpet from each round until there is only one remaining.
  3. Cinderella’s Dancing Statues – It’s time for Cinderella to dance at the ball! All the princesses begin to dance, when the music stops they must stand very still.  Anyone still moving must sit out.  Turn on a bubble machine to make this even more fun!
  4. Belle’s Secret Diary – Belle loved books and this is a great party activity for the 4 year olds and up and it will keep the princesses busy for a long time.  Each Princess can make their own secret diary.  You can purchase a bundle of exercise books and cover them in plain pink or white wrapping paper, then set the princesses up with pens, pencils, glitter glue, collage materials (such as colorful feathers etc.) and stickers and let them design their own secret diary to take home!
  5. Sleeping Beauty – Sleeping for 100 years (Sleeping Tigers) – All the princesses lie on the floor and pretend to sleep.  They must stay completely still while one of the children walks around near then and tells funny jokes, makes noises or sings to try and make them move or laugh.  They must not touch the sleeping princesses though!

A Princess Party with lots of games is not complete without some amazing costumes, so include a dress-up corner with a large mirror or set up a red carpet for the arrival of all the dressed up Princesses!