Surprise Rocks Recipe

Why make your own rocks???

Surprise rocks make such a fabulous party game for so many themes – construction, dinosaur, pirate etc.  The rocks are made with a surprise toy in them for the kids to find – imagine the kids doing a dino dig, construction work site or looking for buried treasure with these rocks – awesome!!    Thanks to Helen Ritchie for sharing the idea with us and giving us all her tips to make sure the rocks are a success every time !!!

Surprise Rocks Recipe :

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup of ground coffee (It is meant to be used coffee which has been dried, but I bought a cheap tin from Costco and used it straight from the tin. The smell is strong. I have considered asking a coffee shop for their used coffee grinds and drying them.)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 a cup of salt (I have used iodised and the really cheap cooking salt and cooking salt works a bit better because it is grainier)
  • 1/2 cup sand
  • Approx 3/4 cup water

This quantity only makes about 6 rocks.
I do 6 times the recipe, in 2 buckets and get 36 rocks.

I use the tubs of dinosaurs, or bugs from Kmart that are $2. The really glossy bugs and dinosaurs from the $2 shop seem to melt a little. I have tried bouncy balls too and the mixture seems to stick a bit to it, but having a bowl of warm water hanky helps to clean them up.

Method :

  • Mix all dry ingredients well.
    Add water bit by bit. It needs to be the consistency of shortbread. Too wet and it won’t mold, too dry and it won’t stick together and will crumble.
    Take a small amount into the palm of your hand and press the toy into it. Fold the edges around the toy and add a little on top to completely seal the toy. You can make them rough or completely round. I have considered making egg shapes, using a plastic Easter egg, for the dinosaurs!
    Place on baking paper on a tray and bake for about 5 to 6 hours at 150º, turning after 4 hours. They would dry in the sun over 3 days but it has been too wet to try it.
    You will know they are done as they look a lot lighter and more ‘rock’ like.
  • I have hidden them in dirt and sand.
    Dirt can be tricky for younger kids to find them, some of the 4 year olds struggled a bit. The sand was great, but might be too easy for kids over 5.
  • Once found, tap them with a hammer and they open.
    If they are really hard you need to get an adult to use a chisel.
  • We found some in the dirt a few weeks after the party and they were soft enough to be ripped open. I imagine if they weren’t cooked for so long you might get the same result – but I haven’t tried it.

Once you have chosen the theme for the best birthday party ever, see if you can include some Surprise Rocks for the kids to really make it memorable.