DIY Face Painting Fun

Face Painting is a great way to get the guests ready to party. There are some amazing professional face painters you can hire, just go to our ‘find suppliers page’ and select your area, party options and party entertainment.  Or with some practice, you can give it a go and have lots of fun – it’s really very easy !

Before the party :

  1. Purchase face painting products (water-based are great for easy removal) and applicators (disposable sponges and cotton buds, to ensure germs are not spread). And make sure to check which guests may have allergies so that a disaster does not occur. Always use products that are specific for face painting, as other paints may be toxic and difficult to remove from delicate little faces.
  2. Organise a small table to put equipment on, and chairs for yourself and the guest, so that you are both comfortable during the application process.
  3. Plan some designs that you will be able to apply fairly quickly so that the children don’t get bored and make sure you have enough of the colours that you will need to make the designs special. Remember to keep it simple if you are just starting out.
  4. Some easy designs can include stars, hearts, flowers, rainbows, pirate patches and skull and crossbones, add some glitter for some sparkle, or invest in some cute stencils for some extra help. Then practice on family and friends to ensure you can work with the products, but if you are more confident you can do some freehand drawings and get some inspiration from websites that have free templates you can download. Also, make up a card with the designs you can do on it, so that the children can choose a design, because there is nothing worse than being asked for a leopard when you have only practiced rainbows, flowers and spiders!

On the day :

  1. You will need some towels – to protect you and the guests from spills, water – to wash your brushes and equipment and some wet wipes to keep hands clean and for fixing any little mistakes. A mirror and camera will also make great additions to the set up. Also, have some games or activities ready for the children that are waiting to have their faces painted, so that they do not get into mischief.
  2. Before applying the face paint, make sure the child’s face is clean and doesn’t have any wounds or rashes, so that germs are not spread.  Make sure hair is pulled back off the face to make application easier.
  3. Get the children to choose their face painting design and start to apply the paint – remove the paint immediately if there is a reaction!  Don’t apply paint too close to the eye area and if using glitter, be careful not to get it into the eye. And try not to reuse applicators or double dip, so that colours remain clean and bright and germs are not spread.
  4. Remember to use sponges to apply face paint to large areas and brushes for more detailed work and always rinse brushes between applications. Make sure the paint is dry before children start to touch their faces, so that the design is not smudged. Then hand over the mirror so they can admire their beautiful faces!

Finally, ENJOY !!!