Birthdays in the Classroom

Celebrating birthday’s in the classroom is a great alternative to inviting the whole class to the birthday party – however always check with the class teacher and the school policy a few days before the event. The best way to get in contact with the teacher is via an email or a note that your child can pass on directly and give them the details of what you would like to bring and some contact details for you, just in case there are any questions.

Then consider how many you will be catering for and what is the easiest option for the teacher eg. cupcakes are far easier to share than a cake that needs to be cut into pieces and always send along a few extra, in case an accident occurs. Don’t forget one for the teacher and the teacher aide too.  And ALWAYS check if there are any allergies in the class and be very mindful of these children – sometimes the teacher will be able to suggest a quick and easy alternative.

Enquire about a place to store the food before the children get to celebrate, because if you choose to share ice blocks or iced cupcakes on a hot day, the outcome may be a disaster. Also, remember to put the food in a sturdy container that is easy to transport and include some serviettes or Wet Ones for sticky little hands.  And if the school has a “healthy food” policy, be creative and make up a fruit platter that has “shaped” fruit and some chocolate dipped strawberries, kiwifruit, etc. for an extra special treat.