Balloon Games for Kids Parties

Balloon games for kids parties!

The most common and versatile decorations for kids parties are BALLOONS !  They can be used in bunches, hung individually from the ceiling, left to cover the floor, filled with helium to float around freely, decorated to create jellyfish and creatures from the deep and much, much more. HOWEVER, more importantly they can be used for some great party games to really up the “fun factor” and of course they don’t cost much.  Balloon games are also good to have as a backup, just in case you need to keep the kids entertained for a bit longer than expected. Here are our top 5 balloon games and if you have any other tried and tested games, leave a comment so we can add them to our list.

  1. Balloon Freeze – Throw a balloon up in the air, as soon as you throw it the children start moving and jiggling around. When the balloon lands, they must freeze and the last child to stop moving is out – last one in, is the winner.
  2. Balloon Swat – Divide the children into 2 teams and then move them into two separate areas, each team taking a balloon with them. The children then simply have to keep the balloon off the ground – no catching, only swatting, hitting or bumping. The winning team is the one that can work together to keep the balloon up the longest.
  3. Balloon Relay – Divide the children into teams and give each team a balloon.  The children must take turns at moving to a designated point and back again, with the balloon firmly between their legs.  They can waddle, jump etc. but mustn’t let the balloon drop or burst. To make the game harder, try to get the children to pass the balloon to the next person using only their legs.
  4. Balloon Dare – Place simple dare tasks, written on pieces of paper into some balloons, blow them up and tie the ends.  Each child then takes a turn at picking a balloon, popping it and doing the ‘dare’ – this could also be used for charades.
  5. Balloon Scarecrow – (You will also need large t-shirts or tracksuit tops for this game – adult size is good.)  Divide the children into teams, one child from each team puts the t-shirt on over their clothes, the other children then have to stuff as many balloons into the t-shirt as possible (don’t blow them up too big!!).  They then help the child move to the winning position and the team that has stuffed the most balloons in their “scarecrow” is the winner – popped balloons don’t count!

So for your next kid’s party, buy a few packets of balloons and watch the fun unfold.