Party in the Park

Taking your child’s party to the park is a popular choice as it allows the kids to run free and the mess isn’t all through your house!! Having a party in the park takes some planning though to make sure you have everything you need and the party goes well.

Choosing the location can be one of the most important factors

Things to consider :

  • Does the play equipment suit the age group of the children coming
  • Is there space so you can play some games if you want to or for children to sit
  • Are there tables and seating – or do you need to bring these?
  • Toilets and running water?
  • Fencing – especially if children are young
  • Visit the park at the time when you are thinking of having the party – how busy is it and when will you have to be there to get a spot. Sending Granddad/Uncle etc with a thermos full of coffee and the Saturday papers is an often used method!!

Top tips

  • First aid kit – with sting goes or similar – nothing spoils a party like a green ant bite!
  • Candles and matches – often left behind
  • Be food safe – make sure the party food won’t perish being out in the sun – or keep it in the esky until it’s really needed.
  • Don’t put anything on the BBQs even if you are not using them – I have seen party bags go up in smoke when a child pushed the on button on the park BBQ
  • Bring empty bags for putting rubbish in to clean up, or load presents into
  • Have fun – let the kids have run wild in the park and keep the structured games to a minimum!
  • Think of a plan B if the weather is not kind??